Here you can find some of the most asked questions of our free domain registration service.

303.si General

For what purpose can I use this service?

The URL at which your website can be visited is very important. A general rule is: the shorter, the easier to remember. The easier to remember, the more visits: the better. A free domain can cloak (link to) the URL (link) to your website, blog, forum, stream, guestbook, etc. A domain no longer has to cost a lot of money: register your free domain at 303.si!

What is a redirect URL?

The redirect URL is the link or URL at which your website can be visited, your new domain will cloak to this URL (it will hide it and show the domain name instead). Your redirect URL must start with 'http://', 'https://', 'www.', 'callto://' or 'irc://'.

What are meta-tags?

Meta-Tags are smart tags describing the content on your website, it helps search engines to index your domain.

Are there any popups, banners or irritating text-links visible on my domain?

No, there won't be any popups, banners or irritating text-links visible on your domain.

Domain Costs

Is this service absolutely free? Are there no alternative costs?

Yes, it's absolute 100% free. There are no alternative costs at all.

Free Domain Registration

Howmany domains can I register?

There is no limit. You can register as many as you want.

What is the registration period of my domain?

There is no given registration period, meaning that your domain will not automatically expire.

My domain is not yet activated, how can I do this?

You must activate your domain before it can be visited. You can do so by logging in here with your domain information which can be found in the mail send to your given e-mail address during registration.

I did not receive an e-mail during registration, how is this possible?

E-mails are automatically send during registration, there is however a small chance that your mail provider notices our mail as SPAM or unwanted mail. Which it obviousely is not. So, please look in these folders.

I can not reach the e-mail address I have given during registration so I can not activate my domain, what can I do?

If your domain is not yet activated and your given e-mail address unreachable, then contact the administrator here.

Howlong does it take before my domain is online after registration?

Registration is real-time, meaning that your free domain will be online instantly after activation.

Domain Management / Login

I forgot my password, can you send it to me?

You can reset your password here.

My website URL has changed, how can I update my domain?

You can edit your URL by logging in to our Domain Management.

What can I do with the Domain Management?

You can easily edit values of your domain by logging in to the domain management. These values include things like your redirect URL, domain title and meta-tags. You can also see detailed statistics.

Can I remove my domain?

You can remove your domain by logging in to the domain management, domains are however absolutely free.


Can I offer your service on my site?

This can be done by placing a simple whois form on your website, for example:

Furthermore you can let your users easily register free domains using our link system. If you want to register example.303.si you can do so by visiting www.303.si/en/register-example.html.

Do you make backups?

Yes, we make several backups every day. This way almost nothing can happen to your domain information.

Can search engines find (index) my domain?

Yes! We have optimized our domains for such indexing. Thousands of domains can already be found on popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo!, you can also set multiple meta-tags by logging in to the Domain Management.

I've found a bug or error on your site, can I report this?

Yes, please do so here.

I have found a 303.si domain which does not obey your terms of service, can I report it?

You can report a domain for investigation with the help of our ticket system. We shall investigate the issue as soon as possible and take action based on our results.

Do you offer hosting?

No we do not offer hosting.